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From the sidelines, a cry goes up, "Way to go, Shakes!" Kevin grins in acknowledgment of the nickname given to him years ago by his high school soccer coach. The good-natured handle is a reference to Kevin's seizures. Diagnosed with epilepsy at age 12, by the time he was 16, Kevin's seizures had increased in frequency from once a week to every other day. A new drug dosage prescribed by his doctor failed to control Kevin's seizures and made him sleepy. His grades fell and his social independence plummeted, just when many teenagers want independence most.

Fortunately, Kevin's parents sought help in the epilepsy community. The family worked with an epileptologist to find an epilepsy treatment that reduced the frequency and severity of Kevin's seizures. And Kevin learned what he could to do to stay healthy and keep doing the things he loved—like playing soccer. Now a senior at Seattle University, Kevin is having a banner year. This spring he was selected as the recipient of the prestigious Truman Scholarship for the state of Idaho, and was named a member of the Epilepsy Foundation's Youth Council. His next stop? Law school—he's looking at Princeton and Stanford. Today "Shakes" is happy to be racing down the field, closing in for the goal.