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LaKeisha and Gabrielle share a bond that transcends the typical mother-daughter dynamic. To see them now, dancing together you would not guess that their lives were once shadowed by uncertainty and fear, or that eight years ago they shared a room in a family transitional shelter in Chicago.

At 22, LaKeisha worked two jobs and owned her own home. Then one evening she awoke with a terrible headache. She was confused and didn’t know why her head hurt. LaKeisha had suffered a seizure, but it would be years before she understood what had happened that night. After a battery of tests, her doctor handed her a tongue-twisting diagnosis: mesial temporal sclerosis (scarring of the brain’s temporal lobe due to brain injury). He prescribed a low dosage of antiseizure medication and sent her home. Two years later, LaKeisha was driving on a downtown Chicago expressway when she had another seizure and had a serious car accident. Later, in the hospital, LaKeisha heard the attending neurologist utter the words that would finally give her condition a name: epilepsy. "I was scared and angry. I thought my life was over. But I was also relieved. I finally knew what was happening to me."

Unable to work, LaKeisha lost her home and gave up a college scholarship when she couldn’t attend classes. During this difficult time, LaKeisha found a new ally in her neurologist, who took an aggressive approach in getting her seizures under control. She decided to make a new start and, with the help of a charity organization, was able to relocate to Atlanta where she had family and friends. Her doctor in Chicago referred her to an Atlanta epileptologist. With her new doctor, LaKeisha found an antiepilepsy medication that gave her more consistent control of her seizures. "My life has changed, but it changed for the better. I am actually living my life now, and I’m leaving a legacy of hope."

LaKeisha's Journey: Spreading Her Wings


After being diagnosed with epilepsy, Advocate LaKeisha P. thought her life was over. Today, she has seizure control and is living out her dreams as a mother, counselor at a children’s advocacy center, and youth minister. "Epilepsy allowed me to really find out the deepest truth of whom I am," she says.

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LaKeisha's Journey: Spreading Her Wings

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Just a few years ago, Epilepsy Advocate LaKeisha P. struggled to walk. Today this active mother of three shares her experiences to help others.