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Take Charge Tour &
My Four Words Project

Two of our most exciting recent initiatives are all about sharing. The Take Charge Tour helps spread epilepsy knowledge through free, live forums. And the My Four Words project offers everyone whose lives have been touched by epilepsy a chance to share their four-word stories. Read on for more details.

My Four Words

Epilepsy Advocate’s “My Four Words” project captures empowering personal accounts of life with epilepsy in just four words. Check out these inspiring four-word stories of hope, resilience and support and then visit our Facebook page to create one of your own.

Take Charge Tour

We conduct Take Charge Tour events throughout the year in various places all over the country. Please visit our Facebook page to find out more about the lastest Take Charge Tour events and other community events in your area.

These events, which toured cities across the country, feature:

  • Inspiring, personal stories from the Epilepsy Advocates you've gotten to know here at
  • Information about epilepsy and available treatments from a physician expert
  • A Q&A portion where audience members ask questions of the presenters

The events may be over for now, but the experience lives on in our video archive.