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What Is an Epileptologist?

An epileptologist is a neurologist who has taken at least an additional 2 years of specialized training in epilepsy and treats only epilepsy. The word was made popular by William Spratling, now regarded as North America’s first epileptologist.

Epileptologists, while not numerous, are available to you, as are other specialists trained in neurology or neurosurgery. While an epileptologist is often an excellent choice, a good neurologist in your area can also offer high-quality epilepsy treatment.

How do I find an epileptologist?

Ask your family practitioner or neurologist for a referral. Or get started now by clicking the link below:

Locate an epileptologist

What can specialized epilepsy treatment centers offer?

  • An epilepsy treatment team with a full range of options
  • Different epilepsy treatments
  • Experts in surgical procedures