The Challenges of Insurance

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The Challenges of Insurance

When it comes to epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, insurance can be confusing and frustrating. But our Advocates have been there, done that, and risen above the challenges of getting proper care. We asked them to share their answers to some frequently asked questions.


What do you find most challenging about navigating health insurance?
When it comes to making a special claim, it takes a lot of time and patience. If you are denied a medication or procedure, you have to appeal. First, understand why it was denied. Then gather evidence to prove why the service is necessary. Finally, call every day, write letters, and enlist your doctor’s help. Be persistent. 
— Susan N. 


What are some resources that you've found helpful? 
Make sure to register on your health insurance company’s website—it can offer a wealth of information on benefits and claims. My daughter has epilepsy and we have also found apps, such as My Medical, very helpful. They can keep track of medication dosages, prescription refill dates, and seizure frequency. — Shelley K.


What advice do you have for other patients struggling with insurance? 
Don’t be afraid to speak up. If finances are a burden, let your healthcare provider know. And ask your pharmacist questions—most are very knowledgeable and willing to help. It’s also okay to shop around for the right insurance company. It will give you a sense of ownership and control. — LaKeisha P.

Originally published in EpilepsyAdvocate Spring 2019.

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