Co-Pay Assistance Cards 101

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Co-Pay Assistance Cards 101

When managing a chronic condition such as epilepsy, paying for certain treatments and medications can be extremely challenging and stressful. It is frustrating when access to care isn’t easy, but here’s some good news: Signing up for a co-pay card may help, at least with your financial burdens.


“Co-pay cards are issued by drug manufacturers,” says Tori Marsh, a health insights analyst at GoodRx, which manages a large database of co-pay cards. They lower costs by varying amounts but “some can lower co-pays by as much as 100% per month.” 


So how do you get one? When you’re prescribed a new medication, ask your doctor or the drug manufacturer if a co-pay card is available. Your doctor’s office or pharmacy can often provide one, or you can search the drug manufacturer’s website to register for and print one out yourself. Then when filling your prescription, present the card, along with your insurance information, to the pharmacist.


There are, however, a few limitations. Some can only be used a certain number of times and “there are laws and restrictions that forbid the use of co-pay coupons while receiving benefits from Medicaid or Medicare,” says Marsh. But if you qualify, they can really help.

Originally published in EpilepsyAdvocate Fall 2019

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