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Meet the Nurse

Going to college can be stressful. When you’re managing a chronic condition, being away from home can cause even more stress. Campus nurses are a great resource to help support and protect you. Follow these simple steps to get started.


Set up an informational meeting

Meet with your nurse early in the school year to make him or her aware of your condition and to come up with an action plan in case of emergency. Tell the nurse how your condition affects you, and consider describing any relevant emergencies you’ve experienced. With this background, she or he might be able to act faster when you need support. Your nurse may also have advice about informing professors or a roommate for additional support when you’re on campus.


Give your nurse up-to-date emergency contact info

Remember to provide the nursing staff with the best phone number, address, and email of at least one person close to you. In an emergency, you’re likely to want someone to be with you for comfort and assistance.


List all your prescribed medicines

Any medical professional you speak with should be aware of what medications you take. Make sure the school has a complete record of your medications, and remember to update the nurse (or staff) if there’s a change in a prescription.


Be open and honest

Keep in mind that nurses are trained to deal with a wide variety of medical situations, from minor to severe, and are often among the first to help if a student gets hurt on campus. It’s important to be honest with them and to keep them apprised of any significant changes in your health. If they don’t know about your condition or what you use to manage it, it might not be as easy for them to give you the best medical care. Keep the lines of communication open and take comfort in knowing that the medical professionals at your school are prepared to help you.

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