Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

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Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


What are the drug's brand and non-brand (generic) names?


What is the active ingredient?


Is a generic version available? If so, can I take one?


How and when should I take it?


How much do I take?


How long should I use it?


What should I do if I miss a dose or use too much?


When will the medicine start working? How should I expect to feel?


Are there any special directions for using this drug?


Should I avoid any other medicines, dietary supplements, drinks, foods or activities when taking this medication?


Should I watch for allergic reactions or side effects? If so, what are the most common ones?


If I experience an allergic reaction or side effect, what should I do?


Will I need any tests to check the medicine’s effects (blood tests, X-rays, etc.)?


When will I need the tests?


How and where should I store this medicine?



Originally printed in EpilepsyAdvocate, Fall 2015.


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