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The UCB Family Scholarship Program™  offers educational scholarships to people living with epilepsy, or family members/caregivers of people with epilepsy, who excel in academics or personal achievements. Four recipients (pictured above, left to right) share inspiration, study tips and their plans for bright futures:


Name: Carrie H., Palm Coast, Fla.

Field of Study: Political science

School: University of Florida

Highlight: Synchronized swimmer at UF; organized a local swim-a-thon fundraiser to promote epilepsy awareness

Study Tips: “I am a huge fan of note cards and utilize them for all my classes. When studying, I will rewrite my notes, reread them, and also say them out loud to try to involve my brain in many different ways.”


Name: Stephen P., Delmar, N.Y.

Field of Study: Culinary arts

School: Schenectady County Community College

Highlight: Hired by school’s ADA office to train students on helpful technology

Study Tips: “My LiveScribe pen records audio, and when I take notes, it records the text to be transferred to my computer and can be played back. For memorization, the free website Quizlet lets users create ‘sets’ of terms customized for their own needs.”


Name: Jessica W., Dayton, Ohio

Field of Study: Marketing & PR; International business

School: University of Kentucky

Highlight: Founder, at age 11, of Cupcakes for Camp; teaching the basics of seizure first aid

Study Tips: “Sticky notes! I have a pretty bad memory, and I use notes for reminders, annotations and to-do lists.”


Name: Gabrielle B., Kennesaw, Ga.

Field of Study: Business management and operations

School: Fort Valley State University

Highlight: Caregiver to a mother with epilepsy (Epilepsy Advocate LaKeisha P.);
Junior Achievement Fellow

Study Tips: “I like to organize things by color coding and labeling everything. I also use a planner app with reminders on my phone, as this keeps my to-do list in order.”


Apply online now for the 2017 UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program.  The application process will be open through March 10, 2017. 


Originally printed in EpilepsyAdvocate, Fall 2015.

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