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Voices: Cassidy Megan

Founder of Purple Day for epilepsy worldwide

From: Nova Scotia, Canada

Diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7


“I would like to tell other people with epilepsy to remember that they are NEVER alone.”


I love hearing how Purple Day has helped people feel braver and how it has helped them feel like they are not alone. Sharing their stories about epilepsy will help others understand more about epilepsy and the different types of seizures. When people learn more about epilepsy it means that they won’t be so afraid if they witness a seizure. They will know the right things to do to help the person having the seizure.


I get very frustrated when people don’t understand what my seizures are all about. I know that there are still so many people out there who are very scared to speak out about their epilepsy. They are afraid because they think that people will make fun of them and will not be their friends and will not treat them like a normal human being.


People need to know that people with epilepsy are just like everyone else and can do anything that anyone else can do. A lot of people do not know the right information about epilepsy because they think that epilepsy is like what they see on TV or read in books.


So I would like to tell other people with epilepsy to remember that they are NEVER alone. They should talk to their family and friends and know that there are so many great epilepsy agencies around the world that can help them. I want people living with epilepsy to remember that there are many people working to develop new medications and different treatments for epilepsy.


I would also tell them to always believe in themselves. I know it can be hard sometimes, but it is really important to never give up!


You can learn more about Purple Day at  purpleday.org and learn more about epilepsy at  purpleday.org/aboutepilepsy.


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