Our Advocates Weigh In for Epilepsy Awareness Month

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Our Advocates Weigh In for Epilepsy Awareness Month

This November, EpilepsyAdvocate is committed to breaking down misconceptions about epilepsy by offering tips from people living with the disease.  We’ve asked our advocates, real people living with epilepsy, to provide articles, videos and Infographics for Epilepsy Awareness Month that we’ll showcase on EpilepsyAdvocate.com and the EpilepsyAdvocate Facebook page.  Here is what you can expect:


- An article from Audrey about breaking down stigma and how she's helping one young lady on a very similar journey.


- A video series focused on misconceptions about epilepsy.  Similar to “Mean Tweets,” our advocates read and react to some of the “Harsh Tags” people have given them.


- A series of “Life Hacks” from our advocates, which are tips and strategies for navigating epilepsy presented in an Infographic format.


We’ll also highlight some of the great content from the Epilepsy Foundation and their #ShareMySeizure initiative as well as CURE’s webinar series on epilepsy research.


Check back to hear from our advocates and to tell us how you #TackleEpilepsy in the month of November!

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