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Our team of Epilepsy Advocates are real people affected by epilepsy who help educate and inspire others by sharing their stories and insights.


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talking about my seizures

Share your story of hope and inspiration with us and the epilepsy community by uploading your photo below.  Use the hashtag #TackleEpilepsy or #My4Words here and on social media. 
Step 1.  Describe your #TackleEpilepsy or #My4Words story. 
Step 2.  Take a picture of yourself and include your epilepsy story.  Hashtag it with #TackleEpilepsy or #My4Words.  
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Recovering from Epilepsy
Event: Craniotomy for Lesion Removal
Event: Test of Love
We Are Together
Event: Metro Walk 2018
Third Times A Charm
Event: Walk For Epilepsy 2018
Volunteering For A Cure
Event: Magnolia Run 2017
Volunteering For A Cause
Event: Magnolia Run 2017
Be Strong
Event: Magnolia Run 2016
Have No Limits
Event: National Walk 2017
Epilepsy Does Not Define Me
Event: Into the Light 2016
Epilepsy Hero
Event: National Walk 2017
Global Pediatric Epilepsy Awareness
Event: Disney Day 2016
We Walk for Team Marc
Event: Magnolia Run 2016
I Walk for My Girlfriend
Event: National Walk 2017
No Seizures
Event: Sharons Ride 2016
The Road is Long We Must Pedal On
Event: Sharons Ride 2017


EpilepsyAdvocate is a community of people living with epilepsy, their family members, and their caregivers.