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Epilepsy Patient Pioneers

For a long time, people with epilepsy have played a key role in helping doctors and neuroscientists understand how the brain works—and why it sometimes doesn’t. As brain research enters an exciting new era, epilepsy patients continue to help explore the boundaries of how the mind operates.



Caregiving: The Power of 2

Caregivers play a central role in the life of a loved one with epilepsy. Not only do they help manage seizures, medications and doctor appointments, but they can also offer emotional and moral support and advocate for the loved one in the community.



Fun Fundraising

An original idea for a fundraising event for epilepsy can not only bring together your community but also generate a lot of buzz and help promote awareness.



Rules of the Road

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for so many people. Cars offer not only freedom from the confines of the family home and the promise of escape to faraway places but also make it possible for us to do the kinds of day-to-day errands that are essential to modern living.


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