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Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


What are the drug's brand and non-brand (generic) names?


What is the active ingredient?


Is a generic version available? If so, can I take one?


How and when should I take it?


How much do I take?




Epilepsy Treatment Starts with Your Voice

Brandy Parker-­McFadden is the executive director and founder of “My Epilepsy Story,” a nonprofit for women and children living with epilepsy. The mother of three, who lives with epilepsy and advocates for patient perspective, is also an ambassador for the Patient-Centered Outcomes in Research Institute (PCORI), where she is on the executive committee of a study. She’s one of the first patients to be active in a study and also serve on the study’s board.



What Are the Long-Term Effects of Seizures?

Dr. Paul Garcia, an epileptologist and professor at the University of California, San Francisco, says he often hears one question from his patients: What are the long-term effects of seizures? Unfortunately, that question doesn’t have a simple answer.



Dating With Epilepsy

Managing epilepsy isn’t just about keeping seizures under control. Dealing with the social challenges of the condition is equally important, and that’s why it’s crucial to develop a dating game plan.


EpilepsyAdvocate is a community of people living with epilepsy, their family members, and their caregivers.