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6 Easy to Use Apps

Smartphone apps can be a convenient way to stay on top of everything including your fitness and well-being. Here are a few to try, depending on your health goals.


If you want to: Sleep

The Calm app helps you tune into mindfulness, offering meditation tips, gorgeous nature photos, and even soundtracks. For restless evenings, Calm.com hosts Sleep Stories short tales including favorites such as The Velveteen RabbitA Midsummer Night’s Dream, and more read aloud in soothing voices to help you nod off.


If you want to: Manage epileptic seizures

Apps can help when it comes to tracking specific symptoms say, seizures. The Epilepsy Foundation’s My Seizure Diary helps to record and manage seizures as well as to create a response plan so you can share it with family, friends and your healthcare team.


If you want to: Get in shape

For fitness buffs, the tech revolution is a boon. Tone the legs, rear end, belly you name it, there’s likely an app for it. For example, C25kfree.com is great for getting you off the couch. The C25K app will train you to go from being a couch potato to being able to run or walk a 5K (3.1 miles) in only eight weeks.


If you want to: Decode food labels

Edo makes grocery shopping incredibly simple. All you need to do is scan the barcode, and the app rates the product on a nutrition scale. Check for gluten or lactose, and find information about other mystery ingredients. App upgrade options are available for specific needs such as eating vegetarian, managing pregnancy, or avoiding allergens.


If you want to: Boost Parkinson’s research

You can become a Parkinson’s disease (PD) research partner by downloading mPower. This app tracks data about symptoms and shares it with qualified researchers, with the goal of mitigating the disease’s progression, and improving treatment and the quality of life for those living with PD.


If you want to: Achieve health and lifestyle goals

Lifesum makes it easier for you to live healthfully, by offering up personalized tips and recipes to help you achieve your wellness goals including weight loss, muscle gain and overall fitness targets. The app uses your health and diet data to keep you motivated and on track every day, like it’s your own personal coach and cheerleader.

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