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Driving Facts

If you have epilepsy and you drive, you probably know that states regulate driver’s license eligibility. Most states, for example, require you to be seizure-­free for 3 to 24 months to obtain a driver’s license. For more information, visit or your local DMV.



Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


What are the drug's brand and non-brand (generic) names?


What is the active ingredient?


Is a generic version available? If so, can I take one?


How and when should I take it?


How much do I take?




Staying Out of an Institution

When he was a young child, doctors thought Wendall’s epilepsy would prevent him from leading a normal life.  Now 45, he wishes he could show those same doctors how far he’s come.



Your Epilepsy Care Team

From researchers to nonprofits, and from neurologists to epileptologists, hundreds of people work toward reducing the frequency of seizures and keeping patients in optimal health. Your epilepsy care team is there for you, so let them know how they can help.