6 Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier

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6 Kitchen Tools to Make Life Easier

You may have heard of the Liftware Steady spoon, a widely-celebrated stabilizing eating device that senses and counteracts hand tremor, keeping the spoon’s contents intact and preventing spills. But it’s not just people with tremors who can benefit from easy-to-handle tools in the kitchen. A number of cool gadgets can make the most essential steps of everyday cooking and cleaning simple and fun.


Under-Cabinet Jar and Bottle Opener: Having trouble with that jar of pickles whose lid refuses to budge? How about the ornery screw top on that jar of peanut butter? An under-cabinet opener can work magic on almost any container, bottle, or can. Mount it on the wall or under the counter for quick access.


Peeler with Finger Holder: Peeling vegetables with traditional peelers typically requires very precisely controlled movements, which can be challenging. These dishwasher-safe peelers have grips for your middle finger and give you a broader surface to steady your hand, making the process so much easier.


Rocking Knife: Knife skills are critical in the kitchen, but chopping can be a dangerous, difficult chore for someone with unstable, cramped, or rigid hands. A rocking knife allows you to cut food with a single movement, using the pressure of the cutting board to steady it.


One-Hand Food Preparation Board: A multifunctional tool designed for one-handed use, these cutting boards take the stress out of food preparation. A device can hold mixing and salad bowls in place while you are stirring, and a stainless-steel spike insert can hold vegetables for slicing and grating.


No-Lift Pouring Aid: Want to buy gallon-size orange juice or milk jugs but have trouble pouring the liquid from a bulky container into your glass? With these handy devices, you can load a gallon jug onto the stand in the refrigerator and leave it there, effortlessly tilting it forward with two fingers whenever you want to fill your cup. No lifting required.


Automatic sensor trash bin: It can be a hassle to stoop over the garbage can and lift the lid. What if you could simply wave your hand and drop your items into the bin? Sounds like magic, but somebody has already invented it. The lid closes again within a matter of seconds to minimize odors.

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